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Cervical Sprain: All you need to know


The soft tissues of the neck may suffer from an acute injury.
At any one point of time almost 10% of the population of the adult is suffering from a stiff neck. [1]

-Treatment available
- Usually short term; in rare cases can take a few weeks.
A cervical sprain can occur when a sudden movement causes the neck to bend to an extreme position. These soft tissues may include ligaments, tendons and muscles. When such an injury is followed by some pain then this pain is termed as Cervical Sprain.


Symptoms of a cervical sprain may include pain in the neck, muscle spasms, headaches, redness in neck, swelling, tenderness along the back of the neck, stiffness and pain from the neck to shoulders to arms.


Self-care: Avoid any position that causes pain; avoid activities that lead to any pain. Take lots of rest. Using ice and physical therapy can help provide relief.

Medications: Steroidal injections can help in reducing the swelling. The doctor may prescribe pain medications that will also help to perform the exercises recommended by the doctor. Ultrasounds and massages may also prove to be helpful.

Neck brace or collar can also help to provide support to the neck.

Specialists: In some cases, the cervical sprain can also cause a concussion. In such a case or if the headache does not stop or worsen, there is any weakness, a nauseous feeling, dizziness or unconsciousness, then one must visit a specialist. At mfine, you will find the help you are looking for.

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