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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and treatment


Tingling and numbness sensation caused in the right upper limb due to a pinched nerve in the wrist.

Recurrences of Carpal Tunnel syndrome after surgery are very rare. [1]

- Can be medically treated.
- Lab tests and imaging are rarely required.
- Medium-term: resolves within months.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (right upper limb) is a condition which creates a tingling sensation that is often accompanied by some minor pain in and around the right upper limb. This occurs when a nerve in the wrist is squeezed or compressed. Early diagnosis and treatment are necessary since this condition can worsen over time.


If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (right upper limb), you may notice the following symptoms:
- Not Self-Diagnosable – Pain and numbness in the right upper limb. A medical test is required to determine the exact problem.
- Pain areas include hand and arm. Weakness in your hand.
- Weak grip - Tendency to drop objects.


Self-care: Applying an ice pack on the affected area can reduce the pain to a great extent. This can also help in speeding the healing process.
Medication: Steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the doctor can help in relieving the pain and decrease the inflammation.
Specialists: Seek immediate medical attention from a doctor in case your condition worsens over time. At mfine, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan for optimum health and speedy recovery.

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