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Symptoms and Treatment for Capsule Injury


A capsule is a tough membrane enclosing certain components in the body and an injury to the tissue is termed as Capsule Injury.

When capsular tissue is pinched it can cause pain, when it is loose it can create instability, and when it is tight it can place greater stress on the rotator cuff tendons. Injury to the capsular ligaments of the knee commonly occurs in conjunction with a cruciate ligament injury.

An untreated grade III sprain can lead to recurrent meniscal injury, failure of cruciate ligament reconstruction, and arthrosis.

- Increasing swelling with pain and stiffness may occur
- Diagnosis is done through X-rays


- Shoulder, upper arm, elbow pain/soreness that last more than 2 hours after the activity.
- Regularly asking for counter medication prior to competition.
- Soreness that lasts through the warm-up for activity.
- Hemiparesis/Hemiplegia.
- Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, or speaking clearly.


Physical therapy: Capsule stretching can be exercised by leaning against the wall with upper arm at shoulder height elbow bent, pulling the hand down toward the floor until a stretch is felt, holding for 30 seconds and repeating this five times.

Medication: Anti-inflammatory pain medication may be prescribed.
Surgery is required in cases of irreducible dislocation or late instability.

Specialists: A physical therapist or physician should be approached as soon as possible to get a preliminary screening to determine your risk for shoulder injuries and perform the appropriate exercises to prevent the onset of a shoulder injury and avoid further complication that keep you on the sidelines this spring. Further options may be explored by a physical therapist or physician at mfine.

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