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Calf Muscle Pain: Symptoms And Treatment


Calf muscle pain is the pain caused in the lower back muscle of the leg due to cramp or strains. Most calf muscle pains can be benign, however, there can be conditions which may take a serious turn. This is possible in case there is a blood clot or where arteries are blocked.

Something as simple as poor blood flow to the calf muscle can also cause calf muscle pain. [1]

- Calf muscles are made up of two joint muscles called the gastrocnemius and the soleus which meets at the Achilles tendon and is attached to the heel bone.
- Simple cases can be treated with some home remedies.
- Calf muscle pain can be seen more in the older age and is not gender specific.


People may experience one of the following symptoms:
- Pain may range from a dull ache to a sharp pain
- Stiffness in the calf while walking
- Difficulty in standing on the toe
- Bruising can be seen for 1 or 2 days
- Calf may be swollen
- Numbness
- Cool or numb calf
- Weakness in leg
- Pain in varicose veins


Self Care:
- Give the affected area some rest.
- Applying ice for 20 minutes using ice packs or bags.
- Use of a bandage to compress the pain but to too tightly.
- Keep the leg on a little higher level with the help of pillow above the heart level while sitting or lying.

- Using the anti-inflammatory medicines like NSAID in the affected area.
- Physical therapy may be prescribed by the doctor
- For conditions like DVT, compartment syndrome, or DPN medical intervention like surgery and medications may be prescribed by the doctors.

One may have to visit a podiatrist to cure the symptoms of the disease.

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