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Should calf muscle pain really be dealt with seriously?


The pain in the calf muscles due to certain factors such as strain, cramps, etc.

Around 28% of the total American women suffer calf muscles pain at least once in their lifetimes. [1]

- Can be both acute and chronic.
- Occurs in both genders of all ages.
- Medicinal assistance may or may not be required.

Calf muscle pain is nothing but the pain that one develops in the middle back portion of their legs. The calves are responsible for all the extra weight that your body carries. They boost running and also enable a free flow of movements while walking or running. Calf muscles pain usually arise when they are put under significant stress and strain. Or it could be some other condition causing the pain in the muscles.


- Appearance - swelling and change of color.
- Movement - inability to walk and warm to touch.
- Pain - acute sensation of pain that worsens as the days go by.


- Self-care - proper rest needs to be given to relieve the muscles of the pain. Also, try not to strain your legs too much.

- Medication - application of ointments and other medication relieves some of the stress and pain in the calf.

- Specialist - seeking the help of a physiotherapist is the best thing to do. We at mfine, have the best doctors to help you recover from the pain and set you back on track by way of holistic"

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