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Bilateral Knee Pain: All You Need To Know


Pain in both the knees is known as Bilateral Knee Pain.

As per AAOS, bilateral knee pain mostly affects adults over 50 years old.[1]

- Requires X-rays, bone scan, CT scan, MRI scan or thorough physical examination and tests.
- The doctor might check for redness and swelling too.
- Can happen to both men and women.

Bilateral knee pain is painful and degenerative that reduces your mobility and makes it challenging to manage your daily tasks. The extent of knee arthritis depends on how much you use your knees like your everyday movements. Weak muscle strength, being overweight and an injury might cause bilateral knee pain.


- Swelling in the area surrounding the knees
- Buckling of the knee
- Inability to straighten your knee
- A flare-up of knee pain
- Grinding or snapping noise whenever you move
- Overall weakness in the knee


Self-Care: Physical exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and weight loss can help in minimizing the symptoms of this disease.

Medications: Doctor may prescribe medicines for flare-ups, swelling and pain.

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