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Back X-Rays for the Spine

What is Back X-Ray?

In case of spine problem or back problem, the doctors suggest getting a Back X-Ray done. In the Back X-Ray, the radiation and a photographic plate are used to get the images of the internal body organs. The images are black & white, where bones or dense body parts are shown in white color. The muscles and soft tissues are shown is greyish shade. To record these images, either the computer system is used or the X-Ray Films are used. To diagnose the problem properly, doctors may take different X-Rays of the spine which will include cervical spine, lumbar spine, and thoracic spine.

When is Back X-Ray recommended?

Back X-Ray is recommended in certain conditions or health problems like:

- Spinal problems which are there from the time of birth
- Tumors
- Broken Bones
- Abnormal Curves of the Spine
- Thinning of the bones which are also called osteoporosis.
- Spinal disk problem
- Arthritis

In other conditions also, related to back or spine, your doctor may ask you to get Back X-Ray test done.

Preparing for Back X-Ray

Before undergoing Back X-Ray, you need to:

- Change into hospital gown after removing your clothes.
- Remove all the metal items which you are wearing. Like any jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpins, hearing aids, etc.

Also, let your doctor know if you are pregnant or have any other medical issues.

Understanding Back X-Ray results

As mentioned above, the X-Ray results come in the form of an image, which your doctor will examine. Your doctor can only help you or explain to you about any deformities if he finds one. At mfine, you can get the proper treatment if any problem is diagnosed.

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