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Also known as peripheral edema, swollen ankle occurs when fluid is accumulated in the ankle region.

A mild swollen ankle is usually harmless and common. Ankle swelling can, in some cases, depict undelaying causes like medication side effects, infection, lymphedema, blood clot, and pregnancy among others. [1]

- Can be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options are available
- Physical examination may be required
- In most normal cases, the condition resolves within days

If you have been standing for a long time or sitting in one position for too long, ankle swelling can be a common thing. However, if other symptoms accompany this condition, it may indicate other diseases. Ankle swelling is more common in older adults.


Self-diagnosable – swollen ankle region.
X-rays can be prescribed
Usually, the fluid build-up is painless unless due to injury.
Can be accompanied with associated symptoms like acute pain and heat in the region
Redness and lightheadedness can also be experienced


Self-care: In most cases, self-care like elevating the leg while laying down, avoiding wearing garters and reducing salt intake can be tried to reduce ankle swelling.
Medicines: depending on the cause of the medication may be prescribed.
R.I.C.E: Rest, Ice. Compress, and Elevate method can be used to treat ankle swelling.
Diagnosis of the specific cause is necessary.
Specialists: For treatment and effective diagnosis of ankle swelling, consult an MD. If needed, the doctor shall refer a specialist depending upon the situation. Visit mfine for high-quality health-related support.

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