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Osteomalacia is weakening of bones. It causes problems in bone formation or bone building. This condition keeps bones from mineralizing or hardening. It is only present in adults when a child has it, it is called rickets.

In areas with high levels of vegetarianism, such as in Asia, the incidence of Osteomalacia has been reported to be nearly 15 per cent. [1]

- Blood test required
- X-ray and other imaging required
- Bone biopsy may be required.

The body uses calcium and phosphate for the process of building strong bones. Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium from the diet. Deficiency of vitamin D will lead to Osteomalacia. Vitamin D is made in the body by absorbing Ultraviolet rays. It can also be absorbed from certain food like fish and dairy products.


- Dull aching pain through the lower back
- Pain in pelvis
- Pain in legs
- Bone pain
- Irregular heart rhythms
- Numbness around mouth
- Numbness in arms and legs
- Spasms in hands and feet


Self- care: Try to increase intake of Vitamin D through sunlight or through meals.

Medication: Doctor may prescribe you oral supplements for Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate.

Specialist: Proper care and treatment in Osteomalacia are important, failing to do so can result in the breakdown of bones. It is necessary to show this condition to a specialist who will note the condition and will be able to notify the proper treatment. At mfine, we always give the best treatment to our patients so that they can get a healthy body as soon as possible.

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