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Lumbago - Lower Back Pain That’s Treatable


Lumbago is a condition that is commonly known as lower back pain.

Over 80% of adults in the UK encounter lumbago in their lives.

  • Is a self-treatable medical condition
  • Does not need imaging or lab tests in most cases
  • May require surgery in rare cases

Lumbago is lower back pain and is characterized by pain that runs from the lower back to the spine and buttocks. The causes of this condition are linked to sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement, stress, and it usually goes away on its own in a few weeks. Acute lumbago needs medical intervention.


Symptoms of lumbago are mostly pain in the lower back and spinal areas.

People also experience

  • Pain - That is mild, acute, or chronic in nature
  • Tingling sensations that travel down from the leg to the foot
  • Numbness in the back or legs


Self-care: The first step towards treating lumbago is to get moving and becoming active. Try out physiotherapy or book a session with your massage therapist for relief from the pain. Having a healthy diet, eliminating drugs and alcohol, and leading a healthy lifestyle helps.

Medications: You can take NSAIDs, muscle relaxants and pain relievers to cope with the pain initially. For mild cases, you do not need to take medication since physiotherapy and massages are enough to heal the condition.

Specialists: It is recommended to see a specialist in the case of acute lumbago.
At mfine, you can consult neurologists/ orthopedists depending on the severity of your lumbago and come up with a treatment plan to manage the condition effectively.

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