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Bilateral shoulder pain- All you need to know


Shoulder pain hampers your ability to move freely and causes great discomfort and pain. It may arise from the shoulder joint or from the surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons.

- Can affect both men and women
- Can be acute or chronic
- Imaging tests are required

Males are more likely to suffer from shoulder pain than women.
Shoulder pain can have causes which have no underlying medical conditions.
Some of these causes can be
- Overuse of the shoulder muscles
- Sprains
- Sleeping on one side
- Strain
The medical conditions which leads to shoulder pains include:
- Frozen shoulder
- Rotator cuff injury
- Tendonitis
- Slap tears
- Shoulder osteoporosis
- Shoulder instability

Ages affected – Shoulder pains are mostly prevalent in men and women after the age of 50. Younger adults face shoulder pains usually due to injury.


Symptoms include:
- Inability to carry objects using your arms
- Shoulder pain when lying down
- Inability to raise your arm
- Swelling around the arms


Self- Care: Indulge in regular exercises and consume well-balanced meal to maintain good health.

Professional help: The treatment of shoulder pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Commonly the treatments recommended by doctor to relieve shoulder pain include

- NSAID medications
- Rest
- Ice and heat application
- Physiotherapy exercises

Specialists: If you suffer from shoulder pain, it is best to visit a Orthopedist for proper evaluation and treatment. We at M’fine, are here to help you find an integrated treatment plan to relieve all your health issues. Get on board with us to restore good health.

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