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Due to various forms of pollution and adaptation of bad habits or unhealthy working environments, cancer has become rampant and is also one of the most fatal diseases if not treated in time. This is where oncologists in Mumbai come in the vital role of healing such afflictions and provide the proper forms of diagnosis and treatment to the patient. Cancer treatment generally involves the best oncologist in Mumbai to undertake a long process and if detected early can be cured effectively.

What We Cover

An oncologist doctor in Mumbai is involved with extensive treatment diagnose and providing care for patients. Skilled in the arts of treating cancer, a top oncologist in Mumbai covers the following aspects:

  • Colon & rectal cancer- It is distinguishable by bleeding from the rectum and altered bowel habits.
  • Liver cancer- It causes symptoms such as pain, jaundice, and swelling in the abdomen.
  • Pancreatic cancer- It generally results in symptoms of weight loss and jaundice

What We Treat

It is essential for the oncologist to provide a Swift treatment as cancer can spread rapidly among other cells in the body. An oncologist, therefore, can undertake the following forms of treatment for healing the subject:

  • Colon & rectal cancer treatment- Treatment options can include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.
  • Liver cancer treatment- Such treatment involves Radio-frequency ablation (RFA), surgery, Trans-arterial chemotherapy (TACE), and multi-kinase (Sorafenib).
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment- treatment options involves radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

In case of search and affliction, it is essential that you seek a second opinion from oncologists near you. Having the expertise of another specialist in the field can be very helpful as it helps in the proper diagnosis also lets you be sure about the type of cancer you have.  Oncology doctors near you can offer targeted treatment; therefore, having a second opinion specialist is always advisable.

You can avail the services of the top oncologist via oncologist online consultation available at our website. Therefore, contact us today at mfine and book your doctors to get the best oncologist surgeon in Mumbai.

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