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An Oncologist in Kolkata is highly trained professional in the field who is responsible for aiding in a safe treatment of cancer. Such specialists are mainly involved with diagnosing the type of cancer, categorizing it and aid in prevention and cure as swiftly as possible to stop further spread of the affliction. In most of the cases, the symptoms are minor;therefore, if you face such signs, anoncology doctor in Kolkata can help you diagnose the problem.

What We Cover

An oncologist is a specialist adept in the arts of treating complicated types of cancer. Such specialists are one of the most important doctors who treat such rare and life-threatening disease. A few such types treated by an oncologist are:

  • Thyroid cancer- it is hard to diagnose but may show a Lump in the neck causing pain.
  • Oesophageal cancer- the symptoms are followed by Painful swallowing of solid food along with weight loss.
  • Stomach cancer- it may cause symptoms such as weight loss, Vomiting, dyspepsia.

What We Treat

A top oncologist in Kolkata uses the state of the art techniques and medications to treat such illness of the body. Depending on the kind of cancer treatment he/she may use the following procedures for treatment:

  • Thyroid cancer treatment- Treatment options can range from a variety of techniques and may include surgery and radioactive iodine.
  • Oesophageal cancer treatment- Such treatment involve chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery.
  • Stomach cancer treatment- Such cancer treatment options involves radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy (Her 2 neu inhibitors).

Treatment of cancer requires the expert skills of such specialists who can diagnose such problems and offer treatment speedily. Seeking a second opinion from an oncologist near you can be the perfect decision you can make in such a scenario.  Due to the speed required by diagnosis and similarity with other forms of sickness can cause confusion. Therefore, having a specialist for second opinion can let you be sure and help you in a proper treatment.

There are a lot of specialists listed by mfine who provides oncologist online consultation. Therefore, reach out to our website and find your best doctors today.

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