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In today’s world, cancer is one of the most notorious and one of the deadliest afflictions that can plague a patient. The doctors and specialists who are experts in treating such a disease are known as oncologists. An Oncologist in Hyderabad is highly trained in the field and holds a great deal of knowledge in treating cancer. Therefore, if you find facing the symptoms, a visit to oncology doctors in Hyderabad is a must.

What We Cover

An oncologist is an expert in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer. The few such types of cancer that an oncologist doctors near you can cover are:

  • Ovarian cancer- it may be followed by dyspepsia or abdominal distension.
  • Lung cancer-the symptoms are far more visible and cause persistent cough, and blood in sputum.
  • Brain cancer-it causes persistent headache, double vision and loss of consciousness.

What We Treat

An oncology specialist in Hyderabad may use a variety of techniques based on the depth of the affliction and the location of the cancer in the body. The top oncologist in Hyderabad may employ the following procedures:

  • Ovarian cancer treatment-the doctor may employ surgery, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, etc. for treating the patient.
  • Lung cancer treatment- options for such treatment involve chemotherapy, radiation treatment, surgery and targeted therapy (EGFR & ALK inhibitors).
  • Brain cancer treatment- Brain cancer treatment is almost similar to that of lung cancer, with targeted therapy, radiation and chemotherapy.

Due to the contagious and fast spreading nature of any kind of cancer, speed is essential for treatment. This is why we recommend you to seek a second opinion from an oncologist near you on the issue. Such professionals can also help you to explore multiple options for treatment and aid in a swift recovery.

You can now easily find oncology doctors near you who provides oncologist online consultation at mfine, helping you ease the process of treatment for yourself.

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