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Oncology deals with cancer treatment. Whether a patient suffers from blood cancer or tumors, oncologists will ensure correct treatment. Only experienced oncology doctors near you can detect the infection. These specialists also prevent the spread of the infection with medicine and radiation therapy. On mfine, you can attain details of such specialists. The reputation of listed specialists attracts numerous patients, who come for second opinions. The professional profiles highlight qualification and experience of these experts.

What We Cover?

Check Symptoms – Fever, skin rashes, low immunity and pain are some common cancer symptoms. But other non-carcinoma ailments may have these symptoms as well. Only an expert can identify the seriousness of the patients’ condition.

Conduct Physical Examinations – Physical examination is an integral part of cancer detection. An oncologist near you will be able to do a preliminary diagnosis with physical examinations.

Suggest Clinical Tests – Clinical tests and blood cultures are important for cancer detection. Medical professionals will be able to prescribe these examinations. Only test reports can highlight the cancer stage. Experts chart out the treatment course after checking these reports.

Prescribing Proper Medicines – If the patient is in first or second stage, then doctors can prevent the infection with medicines.

Coordination with Other Specialists – An oncologist in Gurgaon will coordinate with other specialists. Oncologists and radiation therapists will work in unison to ensure that patients recover properly. Only mfine allows patients to consult with several medical professionals consecutively.

Surgery – Doctors cannot cure kidney or brain tumor with only pills. Only surgical removal of infected tissue can ensure cancer recovery.

Pre and Post-Operative Care – Both pre and post-operative care is a must for cancer patients. Only the best oncologist in Gurgaon can prescribe necessary care, before and after surgery. Regular medication, dietary restrictions and therapy will ensure patients’ recovery.

Side-effect Management – Cancer medication and radiation therapy paves the path for several side-effects. To tackle these side-effects, you will require guidance of oncologists. With mfine, you can attain oncologists online consultation easily.

For quick consultation with best oncologist in India, check specialists’ profiles on mfine. These medical professionals offer second opinions and ensure proper treatment.

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