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Is pancreatic cancer harmful?


A type of cancer that affects the pancreas.

There are about 55,450 people affected with pancreatic cancer annually in the United States of America. [1]

- Lab tests are a must.
- Medical assistance is to be carried out.
- Can affect both men and women of all ages.
- Is both chronic and acute.

Pancreatic cancer is the type of cancer that affects the pancreas. The pancreas is the organ that regulates the sugar levels of your body and also helps in proper digestion of food. Pancreatic cancer spreads rapidly to other organs as well. It is mainly caused by smoking. But then the possible causes of it are unknown.


- Immense pain There is a lot of pain in the abdominal region and also on the lower back portion of your body.
- Fatigue There is a loss of appetite and also causes the body to weaken down.
- Jaundice Along with the onset of jaundice, disorders like diabetes and depression follow.


- Self-care Stop an end to smoking. Try to maintain a healthy diet and a fit body as well.
- Medication You can carry out a genetic test in order to see whether or not you have pancreatic cancer as the causes are unknown.
- Specialist Visit a doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms. At mfine, we provide you with the best care and treatment to help you fight the condition and bring you back on track in no time.

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