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Liver Cancer: A Rare Kind


Also called hepatic cancer, this cancer starts in the liver and as it progresses may spread to other organs.

It is seen that obesity increases the risk of developing liver cancer. [1]

- Requires medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging are required
- Rare condition; 1 million cases reported in India in a year
- Most common in adults
Early diagnosis with a single liver tumor and unaffected liver function is helpful in curing.
Twice as common in men than in women.


- Right-sided abdominal pain
- A lump in the region of the right upper abdomen
- Sudden weight loss and fatigue
- Loss of appetite
- Jaundice (yellowing of eyes)
- Itchy skin
- Nausea


Depending on the stage of cancer, the following treatments may be suggested:
- Surgical procedure: a small part of liver tissue is removed. This comes with its own challenges like loss of liver’s functionality and of little use if cancer had spread to other parts.
- Liver transplantation, microwave ablation, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy are also adopted.


Prescribed medications are used in the treatment of advanced stage of cancer. In targeted therapies, certain drugs are used which prevents the tumor from producing new cells. This comes with side-effects such as fatigue and loss of appetite.

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