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Oncology is the branch of Medical Science that deals with the treatment of cancer and help patient to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. An oncologist in Chennai is the expert who deals with such cases and help individuals with the disease. Oncology doctors in Chennai address such problems and are specialized in treating them with acquired expertise in the field.

What We Cover

An oncology specialist in Chennai treats various forms of cancer, all of which are life-threatening in nature. The diseases that an oncologist covers can vary from one person to another. Following are the few things that such a professional covers:

  • Colon & rectal cancer- It is distinguishable by bleeding from the rectum and altered bowel habits.
  • Liver cancer- It causes symptoms such as pain, jaundice, and swelling in the abdomen.
  • Pancreatic cancer- It generally results in symptoms of weight loss and jaundice

What We Treat

The best oncologist in Chennai uses the most advanced form of treatment for such an illness. Depending on the kind of cancer treatment he/she may use the following procedures for treatment:

  • Colon & rectal cancer treatment- Treatment options can include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.
  • Liver cancer treatment- Such treatment involves Radio-frequency ablation (RFA), surgery, Trans-arterial chemotherapy (TACE), and multi-kinase (Sorafenib).
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment- treatment options involves radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

There are many ways in which a cancer can be treated. Due to the advancement of Technology in medical science and due to the availability of multiple forms of treatment, it has essential that you consult with an oncologist near you for second opinions, having a backup doctor can be mentally helpful the main doctor is unavailable for treatment. It can also help you determine the course of treatment that you might decide to undertake after exploring all available options.

With oncologist online consultation sessions conducted by such oncologist doctors near you at mfine can go a long way in helping you to procure the treatment that you need.

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