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Offer of Employment

Dear Candidate,

We are pleased to offer you the position detailed under Annexure A at Novocura Tech Health Services Pvt. Ltd. (“Company”).


The Offer of Employment comprises:

(ii) PART A: This Agreement and terms set hereof, including cover page and the signature clauses; and

(ii) PART B: Other Terms and Conditions applicable to this appointment available at [weblink] 


The break-up of the compensation along with applicable variable components is detailed under Annexure – A.

The compensation package may change from time to time. All remunerations including fixed pay, variable pay and sign on bonus or any other form of pay-outs shall be subject to such tax deductions and withholdings as may be required by the applicable laws.

The Company will cover your health insurance expenses as per Company policy.

You will be placed at location detailed under Annexure – A at present and will be required to travel per the requirement of the business.

Your continued employment with the Company is subject to successfully submitting all valid documents listed in Annexure B before your joining date. The Company also reserves the right to conduct background verification checks on candidates. In case you fail to submit any documents mentioned as part of the offer letter successfully, or if there is a discrepancy in the information or documents submitted by you, or the results of your background verification is not successful the Company at its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate your employment with immediate effect.

We look forward to having you onboard and wish you all the success in your career at MFine

Please send us a confirmation of your acceptance of this employment offer within 3 business days of

receiving the offer letter.

With Best Regards,



For Novocura Tech Health Services Pvt. Ltd. (MFine)

Date: < place holder >

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms of the employment offer and all Annexure mentioned therein, and I hereby accept and agree to abide by them.


[Candidate Name]

Date: < place holder >

ANNEXURE – A: Candidate and Compensation Details

Candidate Name [Candidate Name]
Position [Designation]
Your TCTC (Total Cost to the Company) INR [TCTC in numbers]/- per annum
Fixed Component of your CTC (Cost to the Company) INR [Fixed CTC in numbers]/- per annum
Job Level at the time of joining <<M>>
Expected to join the services of the company latest by [DOJ]
Particulars Per Month in Rs.  Per Annum in Rs. 
Fixed Compensation <>  <>
Basic <> <>
HRA <> <>
Special Allowance <> <>
Employer’s contribution to Provident Fund <> <>
Employer’s contribution to ESIC <> <>
Variable Pay <>
Total Cost To Company <>

Additionally, you are eligible for following payment:

Particulars Amount 
Annual performance variable pay <>/ annum 
One-time sign on bonus <>
Employee stock options [ESOPS] Amounting to <>


  • One-time sign on bonus shall be payable along with the first month payroll conditional to your joining the company as per the joining date mentioned in the Offer of Employment. The sign on bonus will be recovered in full if you voluntarily resign from your position within one year of your joining.
  • The vesting of ESOPs will start from your date of joining. All other terms of the ESOP will be as per the Company’s ESOP policy.


Please submit the following documents within 3 business days of you accepting the offer

  1. Passport sized photographs – 4 nos.
  2. Photocopy of proof of current address
  3. Photocopy of proof of permanent address
  4. Photocopies of marks card & provisional certificate of your highest qualification
  5. Relieving & Experience letter of all your previous employers
  6. Photocopy of last drawn salary slip (3 months)
  7. PAN Card Copy
  8. Aadhaar Card Copy
  9. Cancelled Cheque of your bank account