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Mental illness or disorder form of mental health conditions adversely affects thinking and behavioral patterns which cannot be explained. Popularly termed as Insanity, such an affliction can have a wide variety and may depend in intensity from person to person. Therefore expertise of a General physician becomes important in such cases.
Mental disorder Symptoms
Mental disorder symptoms usually involve abnormal behavioral patterns that make no sense. Such psychological issues have the following symptoms:

Prolonged depression
Confused thinking
Feelings of extreme highs and lows
Excessive fears, worries and anxieties
Social withdrawal
Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
Strong feelings of anger
Growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities
Suicidal thoughts
Numerous unexplained physical ailments
Substance use

Causes of Mental disorder
There can be a variety of reasons which attribute to a mental disorder cause. It may be caused due to disorderly brain functions not being able to comprehend the normal way of life. Genetics also play an important role as psychological traits can pass on from one generation to another. External factors such as injury to the head or extreme trauma severely affect brain functioning as well.
Mental Disorder & Underdeveloped Cognitive Structure
The underdeveloped cognitive structure also please directly in mental disorders. Underdeveloped brain is not able to process the regular functions that we can and exhibit weird behavior patterns that do not match with a sane mind. In such cases, extreme psychological disorders can be noticed accompanied by unexplained actions of the patient.
Diagnosing Mental Disorder
Due to the stigma attached to such a condition of the loved one, most people ignore diagnosis and treatment and proceed to provide special care. However, such a condition can degenerate and requires diagnosis by mental disorder specialists. MRI and brain scans can help determine the depth of such an affliction.
Mental Disorder Treatment
Mental disorder treatment by special doctors involves extensive medications, mental therapy, regular checkups and psychological counseling to restore normalcy of the brain function as such a person is a risk to themselves and everyone around them.

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