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Understand the Basics of Neuropathy: What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy refers to a nerve condition which is often painful and damaging. It results in weakening of the body, fatigue, numbness in hands and legs. Neuropathy can be a consequence of any injury, genetic reasons, onset of infections and diabetes.

It is common among individuals who are over 55 years in age. It is a condition that:

  • Can be treated by a medical professional
  • Requires a proper diagnosis
  • Needs laboratory tests or imaging

Neuropathy damages the nerves carrying information to and from the brain. It is a condition that gets resolved within months. Consult with our best neurosurgeons using the mfine app to avoid serious complications and for effective treatments.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathic pain may be chronic or acute. Some of the common symptoms are tingling pain, loss of sensation, numbness and burning sensation. Sometimes , patients tend to become sensitive to even the slightest touch and lack of coordination in movement. There are also several symptoms for different neuropathic pain. Motor nerves are vital for controlling muscle movement and any damage to the motor nerves leads to paralysis. Sudden change in blood pressure and heart functioning are the symptoms when automatic nerves are affected. You can reach out to top neurosurgeons online through the mfine app for any queries related to the Neuropathy. People may experience:

  • Pain in multiple areas - Neuropathic pain in arms, legs and other body parts.
  • Various types of pain - Tingling sensation, sharp stabbing pain or even chronic pain
  • Painful circumstances - Movement of the damaged part, due to injury, straining that particular area.
  • Muscular pain - Muscular pain is experienced due to neuropathic issues.
  • Most common - Chronic pain due to injury or straining. Tingling sensation, muscle pain, skin thinning.


Common measures to treat Neuropathy include:

  • Self care
  • Following a balanced diet
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Controlling stress level
  • Exercising for 10 to 30 minutes daily
  • Yoga and meditation


Medicines prescribed by the doctor can reduce the pain caused by neuropathy. Refer to top neurosurgeons on the mfine app for consultation and for prescribing proper medicines to improve your health conditions.


Make it a point to consult with a health specialist at mfine to get the best treatment and advice. The doctor will prescribe the right medication for your condition. You can download the mfine app to get in touch with best neurosurgeons for effective treatment and consultation.


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Consult diabetologists on mfine

With most people having erratic lifestyles, diabetes mellitus has become a common phenomenon. If you’re experiencing symptoms like increased thirst, fatigue, irritability, frequent urination or sudden weight loss, you could be suffering from diabetes.

It's better to rule out your doubts before complications arise, which is why we suggest speaking to our qualified team of diabetologists on mfine. A best doctor for diabetes specializes in the field of diabetes and works with patients to bring down their blood sugar through various ways like diet, exercise and medication. They will help you understand your situation, guide you through diagnosis and then suggest the best course of treatment.

What do our diabetologists do?

Our diabetologists are specialists who help you treat diabetes and its related complications in the best possible manner. If you are suffering from any of the common symptoms mentioned above or even from severe complications like diabetic retinopathykidney damage, and diabetic neuropathy, your best bet is to get in touch with experts on our website. After all, health must not be ignored.

Once you get in touch with our diabetes doctor, they will recommend certain tests for diagnosis. Post diagnosis, they will help you modify your lifestyle, and suggest simple and practical tips to follow for your health and well-being. In short, our team of experts guide you from diagnosis to its treatment. We are only a click away!

 What do we treat? 

Diabetes Type 1: The symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 are severe and experienced suddenly: frequent urination, increased thirst or rapid weight loss. If you face any such issue, the diabetes doctor on mfine can help you in the right way!

Diabetes Type 2: If you suffer from excessive hunger, have a tingling sensation and notice dark patches on your skin, you might have Diabetes Type 2. Such patients feel fatigued most of the time and barely have any energy. It’s best to seek guidance from a diabetes doctor on mfine to get to the root of the problem and then treat it.

Nerve damage: A severe complication of high blood sugar, nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy can cause numbness in your fingers, toes, hands and feet. If you experience any such symptoms, it is advised to consult the best doctor for diabetes on mfine.

Foot problems: When you suffer from diabetes, foot problems arise every now and then. Gangrene and foot ulcers that do not heal can lead to amputation of your toe, foot or even part of your leg. Feel free to reach out to our best doctor for diabetes on mfine and let them guide in the best possible way.

Kidney damage: Diabetes does not just affect the pancreas, but also other vital organs of the body, including your kidneys. If your kidneys do not function properly, they do not filter blood in the way they should and cause wastes to build up. With our team of qualified diabetologists, help is within reach. Our team of experts can help you with timely diagnosis, treatment and advice.

Other issues: Our diabetologists can also help you with any other issue you have, related to the disease. Don’t wait and seek guidance on mfine in time; after all, your health is in your hands!

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