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What is neuropathic pain? All that you need to know


Shooting pain that is often chronic caused as a result of nerve damage or malfunction nerve system

One in ten adults is commonly known to be suffering from neuropathic pain. [1]

- Is commonly prevalent among women than men
- Can be chronic in nature
- Can be diagnosed medically
- May require medical examinations and lab tests
- May need physical therapy

The condition is generally not a result of one direct complication or factor. The chronic pain condition is caused due to disease or injury. It may get better over time or may even get worse. It needs medical attention if the symptoms are prolonging.

Ages affected It can occur to those of age groups above thirty years.


Symptoms such as shooting pain and numbness in the area, difficulty in sleeping, unpleasant feeling, and emotional problems may require medical attention. The condition is commonly caused due to facial nerve issues, alcoholism, diabetes, HIV, nerve compression, or spinal injury.

People may experience

Pain - Shooting and stabbing pain in the infected area
Sleeping issues - Difficulty in sleeping and loss of sleep
Instability - Emotional instability and issues
Numbness - Tingling feeling and numbness


Self-care: The condition requires immediate medical attention. A detailed medical history is required to diagnose the issue.

Medications: Lab and imaging tests may be required to understand the situation. Antidepressants may be recommended as well as medications for the underlying condition. Opioids and therapies may be required in next-level situations.

Specialists: In case of any of the abovementioned symptoms, consult your medical professional at immediate effect. We at mfine are around the corner for your help and medical treatment.

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