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Neuromuscular pain: All you need to know


A condition that makes muscles weak and shrink, by affecting the neurons that control the voluntary muscles.

Reports have shown that chronic pain due to neuromuscular disorder ranges from 70% to 90%.[1]

- Due to genetic factors, either inherited or mutated.
- Progressive in nature.
- Medical assistance is required
- Can not be cured in some cases but can be kept in check.

When the neurons that control the voluntary muscles become unhealthy or die, it hinders the communication between the nervous system and the muscles. This causes decapacitation of the muscles.
Ages affected: Below 15-> common, 16 to 39 - more common, 40 and above -> most common.


In case there is severe pain and cramps of muscles, nerves, and joints, the person should see a physician.


Symptoms include rigidity, numbness, muscle pain and spasms.

People may experience:
Weakness, loss of muscular control, limb pain, tingling, and twitching.


Self-care - Applying heat and cold treatment helps in reducing excessive pain. Massage can also be done along with regular exercise.

Medications - Painkillers and Anticonvulsants can be taken as per doctor's prescription.

Specialists - If there is excessive pain, stiffness leading to numbness for a longer period of time, consult a physician. Book an appointment with mfine for an effective treatment system to get rid of all your health disorders.

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