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Neurofibromatosis: Causes and Treatment


It is a genetic disorder that causes the formation of tumors along the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spinal cord, and all the nerves in the body. These tumors are benign in nature. There are two major types: NF type 1 and NF type 2.

Although signs and symptoms of NF1 can differ in severity, they are almost diagnosed by the age of 10.(1)

- NF1 manifestations can be noticed at birth itself. Majority cases can be diagnosed by the age of 8 in kids. Beyond the age of 8, the chances of acquiring the disease become negligible.
- It requires medical diagnosis and is chronic.
- Laboratory tests and imaging are often required.

NF2 can be noticed around early adulthood. It hampers the growth and development of the nerve cells. NF1 is the more common among the two.


People affected with NF may experience the following symptoms:
- Pain in facial muscles
- Skin developing brownish spots
- High-blood pressure
- Hearing loss
- Bone deformities
- Short stature
- Vision disorder
- Enlarged head
- Learning disability
- Scoliosis

Doctors are likely to recommend in general:
- Checking height and weight for kids with NF1
- Complete eye examination
- Hearing and balance exam
- Genetic tests
- Imaging tests


Unfortunately, this disease cannot be cured. However, close observation can help manage the signs exhibited.
Kids with NF may be advised to undergo tests for height, weight, head circumference, and will also be checked for showing signs of any abnormality.

For some cases, doctors may recommend:
- Surgical removal of the tumor growths.
- Radiation therapy for reducing the tumors.

Specialists: mfine assures of taking note of every single detail related to the disease and recommend treatment programs that would be very helpful in managing the condition. Call to know things in detail.

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