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Cysticercosis of Central Nervous System - Know the Symptoms and Treatment Options


A rare infectious disease caused by the accumulation of larval cysts of tapeworm.
Cysticercosis of central nervous system is one of the leading causes of acquired epilepsy in the world. [1]

- Requires imaging for diagnosis
- Can affect both men and women
- Can be prevented
- The line of treatment is complicated and depends on many factors

Cysticercosis of central nervous system (CNS) or neurocysticercosis is caused the tapeworm found in pork, Taenia solium. It is a parasitic infection and humans get affected when they consume undercooked pork or drink water infested with tapeworm eggs.
Ages affected - can affect people of all ages.


Symptoms usually vary from person to person and depend on the type of cysticercosis. In some cases, no symptoms are experienced.
Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vision problem, behavioral changes, muscle weakness and many more.
People may experience
Abdominal pain, balance issues, and muscle swelling
Doctors will look for accumulation of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. This pressurizes the brain and leads to the symptoms mentioned above.


Needs immediate treatment by specialists.
Corticosteroids, anthelmintics, and anticonvulsants may be prescribed.
Cysticercosis may require surgical management in some cases. Also, diagnosing it right is very important. Lack of treatment can lead to ocular and neurological complications, and even death (rarely). Talk to an mfine specialist immediately and get treated before it’s too late.

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