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Cerebral Cysts: Symptoms and Treatment


Development of a cyst in or around the brain.

Cysts can be associated with tumours, but they aren’t cancerous.(#1)

1. Treatable by medical professionals
2. Medical diagnosis is required
3. Lab tests and imaging are required

The cyst or sac may be filled with fluid, blood, tissues or minerals. Arachnoid, ependymal, intraventricular, choroid plexus, colloid, dermoid, and epidermoid cysts are different kinds that can develop in different parts of a brain. They may develop in the womb in the first few weeks, causing symptoms when they press against the brain tissues.


People may experience:
1. Headaches - often vertigo or dizziness
2. Nausea and vomiting
3. Problems in hearing and vision
4. Difficulties in walking and maintaining balance
5. Facial pain, developmental delays, and behavioral changes
6. Seizures are not common, and may indicate complications


The cysts are treated based on their type. Arachnoid cysts are punctured with a needle, and the sac gets drained. Dermoid or epidermoid cysts will be completely removed while colloid cysts require endoscopic tools for special surgery.

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