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Numbness around Lower Limbs? This May be Your Warning Sign


Numbness or a tingling feeling, in the lower part of legs

- May not need medical treatment if it is temporary
- Long-term numbness may need antidepressants and corticosteroids
- Can happen to both men and women
- If experiencing numbness in the limb area for a long time without a particular cause, one should consult a physician immediately.

Caused commonly due to too much pressure on nerves or a reduction of blood flow. If the numbness persists and is unexplained, it may be a sign for something severe such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease or multiple sclerosis.

Ages affected - No age group, in particular, is affected more than others. However, it is more likely in old age if a person has spinal stenosis


Self -diagnosable
Conditions associated with bilateral lower limb numbness include sitting in the same posture for very long, injuries, diabetes, lower back pain issues, strokes or tumors. Any symptoms of itching, tingling or burning for a long time should be reported to a physician.

People may experience
Lower leg and limb pain from severe to mild
Cramps around limb area
Constant feeling of dizziness
Lower limb muscle spasms


Self-care: A temporary feeling of numbness in the lower limbs can be treated at home by taking a thorough rest, applying an ice pack to reduce swelling and by massaging.

Medication: If numbness persists for a longer time, the physician may prescribe antidepressants or pregabalin, as is needed.

Specialists: In case of severe and long-term numbness, one should consult a physician immediately. Here, at mfine, we provide complete and holistic solutions for your health needs.

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