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Who suffers from Alzheimers disease? All That You Need to Know


A brain disorder which destroys memory and thinking skills, gradually affecting day-to-day life activities.

24 million population worldwide is said to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease [1]

- Requires full-fledged medical attention
- Is chronic and long term- may not be cured
- Brain scans and lab tests are required
- May lead to depression affecting normal daily life

Condition which is a progressive form of dementia. Involves death of brain cells leading to cognitive decline. Interferes with daily living as the person affected faces memory problems and concentration issues. The effects surface slowly over time. Family and genetic conditions may also cause Alzheimer’s.

Ages affected – Mostly prevalent among those above 60 years


Self – diagnosable
Constant and gradual memory decline or loss, poor understanding of what is communicated and repeatedly doing the same tasks out of forgetfulness should be reported to the doctor.

People may experience
Memory loss or forgetting daily activities
Trouble in doing daily chores or tasks
Concentration or difficulty in problem solving
Decrease in judgement
Frequent mood swings


Self-care: Any of the above mentioned symptoms should be immediately reported to the doctor. If detected during the early stages of the disease, one may have chances of preventing further or quick deterioration.

Medications: Mental, neurological and imaging tests may be recommended by the doctor to understand the situation. Assessment is made by considering symptoms and performance of everyday tasks. Medication such as cholinesterase inhibitors is generally prescribed for a lifetime.

Specialists: In case of any symptom, one should consult a doctor immediately. At mfine, we provide you useful information and support for any of your health requirements.

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