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Hydronephrosis: This is what you can do


The excess build up of urine because of swelling in the kidney.

One of the rather unknown causes of hydroureteronephrosis is prenatal problems that affect the fetus [1].

- A condition characterized by excess fluid in a kidney due to a backup of urine.
- It requires a proper medical diagnosis
- Lab tests and imaging is always required
- It can be treated by a medical practitioner
- It is a common ailment.

It is caused by a blockage in the ureter, which is the tube that joins the kidney and the bladder. The illness can be identified with extra urine in the kidney. It could be caused by Kidney stones, Blood clot, Tumor, Infections, and an Enlarged prostate.


People can experience:
- Difficulty in urination
- Abdominal pain
- Pain in the groin region
- Pain on the sides
- Pain in urinating
- Frequent and urgent needs to urinate
- Nausea
- Fever


Self Care: On the basis of the underlying reason for the blockage, the medical professional will prescribe the appropriate treatment course.

Medications: For infections, antibiotics might be prescribed.

Specialists: It is best to consult a medical professional such as a urologist or a nephrologist for a proper diagnosis. For severe conditions, surgery might be required.

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