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What Are Renal Calculi? All You Need to Know


Renal calculi, otherwise known as kidney stones, are masses made of crystals which originate from the kidneys.

6% of women and 12% of men on an average are affected due to renal stones [1]

- May require medical attention if the stones are bigger
- May require lab tests and medical examinations
- More prevalent among men
- Large stones may need surgery in some cases

It is a condition of hard deposits of minerals and salts formed inside the kidneys. When the urine is concentrated, minerals may crystallize and form as solid masses together. If medical attention is given on time, it may not be dangerous.

Ages affected: May affect all age groups, but it is more common in between 20 and 40 years of age.


Self-diagnosable: It may be also caused by factors such as gout, diabetes, or more calcium in the urine. Symptoms of blood in urine, vomiting, pain during urinating, and small amounts of urine should be reported to a medical professional immediately.

People may experience:
Blood - Blood in urine may be observed
Nausea - Sensation of vomiting and nausea
Fever - Mild-to-severe fever
Pain - Pain while urinating, small amounts of urine, pain in the side of the back
Color of urine - Pink, red, or brown


Self-care: Keep hydrated and drink a lot of water.

Medications: Depending on the stage and size of stones, a medical professional will recommend an appropriate action to be taken. Small stones may go away with time, and pain relievers may be recommended. For larger stones, using a scope to remove stones or surgery may be suggested.

Specialists: In case of the abovementioned symptoms, consult your doctor. At mfine, we assist you and provide you with a total and holistic health-care treatment program as per your needs and requirements.

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