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What is Acute pyelonephritis, what causes it, and what are its treatment methods?


Acute pyelonephritis is a condition in which sudden and severe kidney infection causes swelling and inflammation of the kidney.

In the United States, the population-based study indicates overall annual rates of 3- 4 cases per 10,000 males and 15- 17 cases per 10,000 females with acute pyelonephritis.[5]

-Pyelonephritis can be life-threatening
-Need medical diagnosis and treatment by a medical professional
-Running tests or imaging are always required
-It is short-term and can resolve within a few days to weeks

Urinary tract infection (UTI) causes the kidney inflammation; it usually starts at urethra or bladder and then moves toward kidneys. It can take 2- 3 days or even a week to show symptoms.

Any problem with the normal flow in urination is a common cause of acute pyelonephritis; however, people with chronic kidney stones, older age, suppressed immune systems, enlarged prostate, and women are at more risk.


Symptoms include fever; pain in the abdomen, back, side, or groin; frequent, painful, or burning urination.

People may experience:
Pain areas: in the back, groin, flank, or pelvis
Pain circumstances: during urination
Urinary: frequent urination, urinary tract infection, foul-smelling urine, cloudy urine, or blood/pus in urine
Whole body: chills, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, or malaise
Gastrointestinal: vomiting or nausea
Also common: mental confusion, fast heart rate, and moist skin


Self-Care: Prevention methods can include urinating frequently to flush bacteria, drinking enough water, urinating after having sex, cleaning private from front to back, avoiding products that irritate the urethra like feminine sprays or douches. After getting diagnosed with it, drinking adequate fluids to maintain full hydration is important in UTI.

Medications: Use over-the-counter medicines like antibiotics or penicillin antibiotic
to kill bacteria. Pyelonephritis is a serious condition, so earlier treatment is necessary.

Specialists: Contact hospitalist, nephrologist, Primary Care Provider (PCP), urologist, and emergency medicine doctor as soon as you suspect pyelonephritis or a UTI. At mfine, we help find disease with the help of symptoms; come on board to find an early treatment program.

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