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Acute kidney failure is the sudden inability of the kidney to filter waste from the blood.

About 5% of admitted patients develop complications due to acute kidney failure.[1]

Treatable by medical professionals
Clinical diagnosis is required
Lab tests and imaging are done
Short-term: can be see improvement in days to weeks

Acute kidney failure is reversible and can be treated quickly if the person was otherwise healthy. It is caused usually when kidneys are damaged, blood flow to kidneys becomes restricted, or when urine blockage occurs. If not treated, the wastes keep accumulating in the blood, and the condition may become fatal.

Ages affected: Most affected- 60+, Moderately affected-14-60, Least affected-under 14


The symptoms are often noticed late.

People may experience
Urination: less than normal
Swelling: in legs, ankles or feet
Areas of pain: chest, with pressure
Weakness: frequently fatigued
Breathing: short
Nausea and confusion
Heartbeats: irregular
Seizure or coma in severe instances


Self-care: Intake intravenous (IV) fluid if lack of fluids is the cause. Manage electrolyte levels and stop consuming toxins. Follow a kidney-friendly diet after discharge.

Medications: Diuretics might be prescribed if there is swelling due to extra fluids. Medications with calcium, glucose or sodium polystyrene sulfonate reduce potassium levels. Nephrotic drugs may be administered by physicians if deemed necessary.

Specialists: Dialysis or renal replacement therapy is performed to reverse the condition.

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