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ADEL 4 Apo-Rheum Drop

Prescription for: Personal Health

apo-RHEUM drops (ADEL 4 Drops )FOR ARTHRITIS (INCLUDING OSTEOARTHRITIS), RHEUMATISM, MUSCLE AND JOINT PAINSINDICATIONS: For gout. low back pain. cervical spondylosis. sprains/sports injuries such as tennis elbow. The term rheumatism is used for a large number of illness conditions manifested in the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones, ADEL 4 (apo-RHEUM) drops resolve painful, inflammatory sensations caused by soft tissue rheumatism.

INGREDIENTS: Arnica Montana 6X, Bryonia cretica 6X, Colchicum autumnale 4X, Gnaphalium obtusifolium 4X, Guajacum 6X, Lachnanthes tinctoria 4X, Solanum dulcamara 4X, Taraxacum officinale 4X, Arnica montana restores unhindered circulation and promotes proper circulation in congested parts of the body.

It also helps normalize high blood pressure that frequently accompanies this condition. This plant also effectively relieves feelings of weakness and exhaustion. plus stagnation of circulation in the muscles and joints. Bryonia cretica acts against drawing. tearing and stitching pains in the muscles. It also regulates impaired tempacture of the body and inflammation developed in the muscles and extremities in each movement makes the pains worse. An important remedy for gout. rheumatism of the limbs and joints. Colchicum autumnale is a reliable medication against inflammatory dyspeptic stomach and intestinal disturbances. It is much more well known as a gout medication. and helps treat arthritic conditions in the small joints and lumbar region.

Gnaphalium obtusifolium combats sciatica and lumbago accompanied by numbness and shooting pains in the arms. legs and calves. Guajacum plays a significant role in treating suppressed infections. and helps resolve inflammatory-rheumatic (gout) processes in all muscles and joints. As a result.  it helps relieve the feeling of heat in the affected areas, lameness and stabbing joint paints accompanied by shortening of the tendons, Lachnanthes tinctoria is a remedy which cures neuralgic-rheumatic states with pains, stiffness and cramps in the neck, and in other regions of the body including in the splint bones and feet. Solanum dulcamara has been proven effective against the feeling of being cold as ice. paralyzed and stiffness. neuralgia and muscle rheumatism caused by exposure to wet conditions. It also treats muscle tears and pulls.

Taraxacum officinale treats stabbing rheumatic pains. In addition. it stimulates the liver and improves excretion by the kidneys. which enables the body to eliminate metabolic waste products more efficiently. This substance also considerably enhances the effectiveness of the other ingredients in this remedy.RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless Otherwise Prescribed)Adults – 15 to 20 drops Children – 7 to 10 drops3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of waterOriginal Packing: 20 ml sealed bottle

Use under medical supervision.

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