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Careers at mfine

Join mfine and become part of a young, dynamic team that passionately strives to solve real-time challenges in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2017, we are headquartered in Bangalore and consist of a team of 400+ professionals.

We are dedicated to bringing the best of healthcare to every corner of the country in order to make access to trusted doctors simple, fast, proactive and accessible to all. With the use of AI and new-age technology and partnerships with the best hospitals and clinics across India, we work hard to eliminate inconveniences and streamline the process of consulting a doctor.

Working with mfine means you’ll be a part of a fast-growing and challenging startup with a charged and exciting atmosphere. Every day brings with it great opportunities to learn and engaging work with a clear and focused mission.

If you are passionate about transforming the healthcare industry, its delivery and want to be a part of building our online health platform, write to us at:

Partner with us

At mfine, we partner with expert doctors and medical specialists to create an expansive cloud-based outreach platform. Doctors must be practising medicine in their field for a minimum of 10 years whereas hospitals and healthcare institutions must have NABH accreditation.

To deliver high-quality care to patients, we offer a range of online jobs for doctors in every speciality which accommodate the busy schedules of doctors. When you work with mfine, the option of working part-time jobs for doctors exists in order to enable specialists to focus on their personal practice, as well as reach out and help other patients in need.

We also offer a wide range of advanced and comprehensive health packages to our customers that test for different conditions, thereby helping people reduce health risks and diagnose diseases at an early stage. We partner with labs across the country that offer health panels and provide doorstep pick-ups and uploading of reports online. In turn, the doctors we work with analyse these reports and provide a diagnosis, along with the appropriate consultatory advice.

If you are a specialist in your field and meet the requirements for our jobs for doctors or are looking to partner your hospital with mfine, get in touch with us about doctor positions available at mfine. We also allow the option of work from home for doctors with our online consultation jobs for doctors.

How it works

Patients get in touch with doctors through mfine’s website or app. They select the specialist in their locality they would like to consult based on their symptoms, and they can consult a doctor online over chat, or over a phone call or a video call. Patients can also book an appointment with doctors at their clinics. After this first round of consultation, doctors provide a diagnosis or prescription and suggest treatments, secondary consultations, or a health package to run tests. Doctors will have access to the patient’s medical records, lab reports, and more of the patient’s medical history to help them decide the best course of action.

Using mfine allows both doctors and patients to integrate their conversations online and in one place. Users can consult multiple specialists for any medical need.