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Vitals Klinic

Vitals Klinic


Multi Speciality | Established 2018-12-31

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About Vitals Klinic

Vitals Klinic is founded by experienced, qualified and well-known duo dermatologists Dr Harish Prasad and Dr Anantha Prasad Holla. VITALS, the name of the clinic is an innovative expansion of various treatments that are provided under one roof; Vitiligo, Injectable, Transplantation, Aesthetics, Lasers, Skin surgery/Skincare. Key specialities include Hair Transplant, Chemical Peels, Wart Treatment, Acne Laser Reduction Treatment, and Vitiligo Management.

Vitals Klinic is an advanced, innovative, first of its kind dermatology clinic located in the heart of the city.


No 63,Neeladri Main Road,, E-City Phase-1, Thogur Cross, Electronic City, Bengaluru - 560100 Phone 92068 69610


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