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  • Measurement: Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  • Organ Health Assessment: Liver, Kidneys, and Pancreas
  • Deficiency Check : Vitamin
  • Risk Assessment: Cholesterol

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Diabetes Profile(1)


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Alcohol Risk Assessment


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Alcohol Risk Assessment

What is an alcohol abuse test?

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for the body, especially for vital organs like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Regular alcohol drinkers are at high risk of developing several long-term conditions like alcoholic liver disease. A general physician in Sonipat may recommend an alcoholism test to check for any such damage that is being caused. An alcoholism test is also commonly referred to as an alcohol abuse test, alcohol use disorder test, alcohol dependence test, or simply an alcohol risk assessment test.

Why should you take an alcohol abuse test?

People who consume alcohol excessively (more than one drink a day for women and more than two drinks a day for men) are at risk of developing long-term chronic diseases, such as alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, digestive problems, and heart disease. Alcohol abuse can also cause various cancers, such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer. If you consume alcohol regularly, it is important to perform an alcoholism test to check your overall health.

What should you expect from an Alcohol Risk Assessment Test?

A general physician in Sonipat may perform an alcoholism test or an alcohol risk assessment test to examine the following:

  • The health of the liver: Being the organ that filters out alcohol in the blood, the liver is at most risk of damage due to excessive alcohol consumption. Thus, a full liver panel is performed to look for signs of health risks.
  • The health of the pancreas: Since the pancreatic gland is also responsible for the digestion of alcohol, it is also examined during an alcoholism test.
  • The health of the kidneys: Being the organ that filters and removes waste out of the body, kidneys are also at risk of being damaged due to alcohol abuse.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Regular alcohol consumption can decrease the body’s ability to efficiently absorb nutrients from food. This can lead to severe vitamin deficiencies . Thus, general physicians in Sonipat check for deficiencies caused due to alcohol use during an alcoholism test.
  • Risk of hypercholesterolemia: Excessive alcohol use can increase your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can make you more prone to developing other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Complete blood count tests, lipid tests, liver tests, inflammation tests, and various other markers for different organs are performed during an alcohol use disorder test.

What happens during a complete alcoholism test?

As previously mentioned, a general physician in Sonipat may recommend a blood test for alcohol use to check for damage caused by regular drinking/ binge drinking. An alcoholism test is just like any other blood test, where a sample of your blood is collected through a needle injected into your arm. You could either perform an alcohol risk assessment test at the clinic when you visit a general doctor in Sonipat, or you could book a home appointment on the MFine app. Our phlebotomist will arrive at your doorstep promptly during the scheduled time slot. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we take extra precautionary measures to safely perform the alcohol dependence test at your home.

Where can I get an alcohol evaluation test?

You could either perform an alcohol screen test at the clinic when you visit a general doctor in Sonipat, or you could book a home appointment on the MFine app. The need for safe at-home healthcare services is higher than ever before due to the coronavirus pandemic. We, at MFine, prioritize your safety by taking extra precautionary measures to safely perform lab tests at home. A phlebotomist will collect your blood sample and send it for analysis by top laboratory professionals. After a thorough analysis, your alcoholism test results will be uploaded to your MFine profile within 24-72 hours. You can avail of your free consultation with a general doctor in Sonipat who can recommend the way forward based on your alcohol risk assessment results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a blood test show heavy drinking?

An alcoholism test or alcohol risk assessment test is a blood test that can identify possible damage caused due to regular alcohol use. Regular alcohol drinkers are more prone to developing long-term chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, alcoholic liver disease, and hypercholesterolemia.

  • What are the signs and symptoms of chronic alcoholism?

Chronic alcoholism can cause several long-term diseases and health problems. If the following symptoms are persistent, perform an alcohol risk assessment test in Sonipat to check the health of your vital organs.

  • What are the first signs of liver damage from alcohol?

Early symptoms of liver damage due to alcohol includes:

While these symptoms are quite vague, if these occur regularly or are persistent, it is best to consult a general physician in Sonipat immediately.

  • How do you control the amount of alcohol you drink?

Controlling your alcohol intake is just as, or if not, more difficult than quitting sometimes. An alcohol risk assessment test will give you deep insights into the health of your vital organs and encourage you to limit the amount of alcohol you consume. It’s often a motivating first step to cut down on drinking and eventually, try quitting. At MFine, you can get an alcoholism test done at home and consult with top general physicians in Sonipat to discuss a course of treatment for you!