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Dengue Test

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Dengue screening

What is dengue screening?

Dengue fever is a viral infection that is spread via a mosquito bite. The Aedes mosquito is the common carrier of this virus and passes this infection from one person to the next.

Dengue screening involves a series of blood tests to check for the viral antibodies to confirm the presence of dengue and to check the platelet counts. 

Dengue fever test is recommended for patients showing visible symptoms of dengue or has prolonged exposure to fever. Sometimes, people are advised to undergo a diagnostic test for dengue if the fever is high and recurrent. 

What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

Some of the common symptoms of dengue are high viral fever, vomiting, joint pain, rashes, fatigue,  low blood pressure and bleeding. Since the symptoms are similar to a common viral infection, dengue may be often overlooked. But if left untreated, it can lead to failure in the circulatory system and liver dysfunctioning. If there is a second attack of the virus, then the patient is at a greater risk as their immune system is compromised. 

It is better to consult with general doctors for effective treatment.

Another condition called dengue hemorrhagic fever is a severe form and is often life-threatening. The main symptoms of this condition are excessive bleeding in gums, severe abdominal pain, breathing difficulties and blood in the urine. In that case, it is essential to get the diagnostic test for dengue performed immediately and start appropriate medications.

What are the tests for dengue?

The tests included are general blood count tests and dengue screening for antibodies. At mfine, you can opt for a dengue test at home for which the clinician from Meditest Labs will come home to collect the blood sample. After the complete analysis is done, your reports will be available online after 48 hours. 

Why do you need a dengue fever test?

If you are suffering from the symptoms of dengue-like high fever for a long time or recurrent fever once every 24 hours, then your doctor will suggest a dengue screening. You will also have to get checked if you have rashes or joint pain accompanied by prolonged fever. If your area is endemic for dengue and you experience symptoms of fever with joint pain or rash, a dengue screening is a must for prompt diagnosis and management. 

After you receive your reports, immediately check with the general doctors in Patiala for medicines and further treatments. Reach out to mfine to book a dengue test at home and do not risk carrying the infection for a long time, without your knowledge. 

If you are looking for a dengue test at home, we at mfine offer the best diagnostic test and free general doctor consultation in Patiala for effective treatments and permanent cure.