Comprehensive Full Body Check- Women in Meerut

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This package covers

  • Immunity Parameters: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Iron Levels, Vitamin D & B12
  • Deficiency Check: Calcium
  • Urine Analysis and Electrolytes Profile
  • Organ Health Evaluation: Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, and Thyroid
  • Risk Assessment: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Stress, Ovarian Cancer, Heart Diseases

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Tests Included (91)


Diabetes Profile(5)


Inflammation Marker(1)


Liver Profile(11)


Kidney Profile(3)


Lipid Profile(8)


Thyroid Profile(3)


Urine Analysis(17)


Vitamin Profile(2)


Cancer Screening(1)


Complete Blood Count(23)




Electrolytes Profile(4)


Gout Panel(1)


Pancreas Profile(2)


Iron Studies(3)


Cardiac Profile(6)


  • Healthians will allocate a certified lab technician 12-24 hours before your scheduled slot
  • Samples will be collected at your house by the Healthians phlebotimist in the scheduled slot
  • Your reports will be uploaded on the app within 48 hours of sample collection
  • Online consultation with a senior doctor is scheduled for you along with the reports
  • Based on your results, our senior doctor will share their advice & a personalized prescription

Comprehensive Full Body Check- Women


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What is a comprehensive full body checkup for women?

A comprehensive full body checkup for women is a health package that comprises all the important tests needed to assess your overall health. By opting to take a full body checkup for females in Meerut, your general doctor in Meerut will be able to evaluate the status of any existing medical conditions and identify if you are at risk of developing any diseases. With women’s health checkup package, you will gain extensive insights on your general health, the functioning of your organs, and whether or not there are any deficiencies to be addressed. The health screening comprises tests like a vitamin D test, CBC test, GGT blood test, diabetes screening, a thyroid profile test, tests for heart disease and more. Taking a women’s full body health check annually is recommended to ensure optimal health for all women and females aged 18 and above.

Why should you get a comprehensive full body checkup?

As women age, there are several changes the body undergoes, right from puberty to menstruation to pregnancy and lastly menopause. With the onset of different physiological transitions, different medical conditions can also occur. While men can be susceptible to conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, heart conditions, and vitamin deficiencies, women are prone to other conditions that are specific to female anatomy. For example, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, endometriosis, and breast, ovarian and cervical cancer are diseases women face. A full body checkup at home in Meerut followed by a consultation with a general doctor in Meerut allows you to remain in control of your health since early detection gives you the chance to prevent, and manage any medical conditions. While many people opt to get an advanced full body health checkup, we recommend choosing women’s health checkup packages once a year for a complete analysis of your health that comprises of important tests. An advanced health screening will not include as many tests for insights on every aspect of your well-being the way a comprehensive full body checkup for women will.

What tests does a comprehensive full body checkup for women include?

There are a total of 91 tests included in a comprehensive full body checkup for women. mfine’s complete health screening package includes the following tests:

  • 24 complete blood count tests: A CBC test can help reveal your overall and general health, and can help identify infections or disorders present in the body.
  • 3 electrolyte tests: This test is used to evaluate if the salt and mineral levels in your body are balanced.
  • 5 diabetes tests: A diabetes screening test can catch early symptoms and signs of diabetes, as well as high blood sugar symptoms. Based on the results, you’ll be put in touch with a diabetes doctor.
  • 11 liver tests: These tests help determine if your liver is in good health.
  • 8 lipid tests: A lipid profile helps determine the cholesterol levels in your blood. These tests also generate the number of fats, of various types, in your bloodstream. These can help evaluate the risk for stroke and cardiac diseases, among others.
  • 3 thyroid tests: A thyroid profile test includes a TSH blood test and tests to analyse your T3 and T4 levels. The results will help determine the functioning of your thyroid, and a doctor will help you contact an endocrinologist if required.
  • 1 hormone test: This test is used to profile your cortisol levels.
  • 2 pancreas tests: These tests are done to detect pancreatitis by measuring the amount of amylase and lipase enzymes circulating in your bloodstream.
  • 1 cancer screening: This test helps detect ovarian cancer in women. If you are at risk for the same, you’ll be asked to consult an oncologist.
  • 3 iron tests: Since women are more prone to anemia, these tests are important to assess the amount of iron in the blood. They also help analyze the capacity of the body to transport and store iron. Iron deficiencies can often go undetected for years, and if left untreated for prolonged periods of time, it can cause serious health risks.
  • 6 cardiac tests: These tests help diagnose the risk or existence of any heart conditions.
  • 3 kidney tests: These tests are used to determine the health and functioning of your kidneys. A nephrologist is a specialist who specialises in kidney diseases.
  • 1 inflammation marker: Used to detect levels of certain factors which are elevated in your body during infections and chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus and even cancers.
  • 1 gout test: The gout test helps in determining if you have high levels of uric acid in your body.

How can we help?

With mfine, avail comprehensive women’s health checkup packages in Meerut, and a specialist from Healthians will visit your home to pick up your samples. Your results will be uploaded on the app within 48 hours, after which, a general physician will review it to reach a correct and decisive diagnosis. On the mfine app, you can get in touch with the top general doctors in Meerut, through instant chat and video consultation.


Who should take these tests?

Women above the age of 18 should opt for women’s health checkup packages once a year, especially since there are several medical conditions that may arise over time without obvious signs or symptoms, like anemia, thyroid, and certain cancers. If your family has a history of diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, breast cancer, and other such conditions, an annual full body checkup for women is a must to catch and prevent the progression of such diseases.

Do I need to practice fasting before blood test?

In order to arrive at accurate results, some tests from this comprehensive list of health checks requires fasting before blood test and sample collection. For example, a thyroid blood test which tests for TSH, T3 and T4 levels, requires blood samples when on an empty stomach. Thus, once you book a health checkup at home, you will be required to keep a gap of 10-12 hours between the time of your scheduled tests and your last meal.

When will I get the reports?

Once your test samples have been collected from the full body checkup at home, we require 48 hours to derive the results, which will then be uploaded onto your profile on the mfine app.

What happens once I get my results?

A general doctor in Meerut will get in touch with you once the results of your complete health checkup are in. They will speak to you regarding the analysis of the reports, and will offer guidance on the parameters of your health you need to focus on. If the doctor notices any early symptoms of medical conditions beginning to appear, they will refer you to a speciality doctor in Meerut for the same.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription for the tests?

Since this health package is a comprehensive list of tests for the purpose of preventive measures, you will not require a doctor’s prescription to avail these tests. Simply book a women’s full body health check online and schedule a date and time convenient for you for the sample collection.