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Allergy Risk Assessment

What is Allergy Risk Assessment?

As the name suggests, an Allergy Risk Assessment is performed by a skilled professional to find out if you are allergic to any substance. It could be in the form of itching, rashes, sneezing, and in worse cases, choking and breathlessness due to lung blockage. Thus, a comprehensive allergy test is recommended for an accurate diagnosis of allergy you may be having. An allergy blood test and inflammation test are done to confirm.

Why should you do an Allergy Risk Assessment?

If you suffer from constant sneezing, itches or rashes triggered by external conditions or if you have trouble breathing constantly, it is advised that you do an Allergy Risk Assessment. A comprehensive allergy test will allow you to know if you are allergic to anything and avoid it. It is important to know what you are allergic to because some severe allergies can be very damaging to the body. A choked reaction, for instance, may cause the airways to be blocked, which is prone to damage to the lungs.

What tests are done for Allergy Risk Assessment?

An allergy blood test is done to find any allergens aka triggers of an allergic reaction. A comprehensive allergy test examines Eosinophil count, immunoglobulin levels, and protein levels in the body along with all blood counts.

These tests are included in the mfine allergy risk assessment package:

  • Blood count tests: There are 23 blood count tests done to assess all components of blood and whether they are in balance.
  • Inflammation test: ESR levels are calculated to determine the amount of protein in the blood. Elevated protein levels may be indicators of inflammation in some part of the body.
  • Allergy profile: Eosinophil count and immunoglobin levels are assessed when screening for potential allergens.

What we do

mfine provides the best Allergy Risk Assessment Package in Ludhiana. The allergy test cost is inclusive of all the test provided. After booking this package, a professional phlebotomist from comes to your doorstep and collects the blood sample. The results of the test are then uploaded on your profile on the mfine app within 48 hours of collecting the samples.

Consult a top skin doctor or a dermatologist in Ludhiana on the mfine app immediately with the results to understand the report and get the right diagnosis and the first consultation is free. Keep in mind, the results of these tests should be rightly diagnosed by a general doctor. This is because they will be able to judge if you are actually allergic to anything and the intensity. While low-intensity allergies are coughing, sneezing, and light itching, some severe allergic reactions can cause the windpipe to block, restricting airway and potentially causing severe damage to the lungs.