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Vitamin Profile


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Tests Included (2)


Vitamin Profile(2)


  • Healthians will allocate a certified lab technician 12-24 hours before your scheduled slot
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  • Your reports will be uploaded on the app within 48 hours of sample collection
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Vitamin Profile


₹ 1284 ₹ 899

Vitamin Profile Test

What is a vitamin profile test?

Vitamins are essential nutrients your body needs for growth and development. There are a total of 13 vitamins, and each vitamin caters to a specific bodily need. A general physician in Jalandhar may recommend a vitamin profile test to assess your body’s vitamin levels. A vitamin profile test is more commonly referred to as a multivitamin test as it checks for the presence of various kinds of vitamins in your body. This profile test is a blood test for vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamin D and vitamin B12 . Vitamin deficiencies are often caused due to poor eating habits, and unhealthy lifestyle choices, thereby leading to various health problems such as low immunity, constant fatigue,etc.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, researchers have been trying to find a link between vitamin deficiency and the severity of the illness. A recent study done by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has revealed a positive correlation between COVID-19 disease and patients who were deficient in Vitamin D. While vitamins and minerals play a huge role in maintaining a healthy immune system, a vitamin deficient individual would be more likely to contract COVID-19 over others. Therefore, it is important to monitor your vitamin levels by undertaking vitamin profile tests from time to time and continue to supplement your diet with the right vitamins needed to keep your immune system strong and healthy especially against the double mutant COVID virus that is sweeping across India. However, if you have been tested positive for COVID, further diagnostic tests like a COVID blood test and an HRCT chest scan can help your doctor determine the right COVID-19 treatment for you based on how the virus is interacting with your body.

What does the vitamin profile test package include?

The vitamin profile test package provided by MFine includes two tests; they are:

  • Vitamin D total test: Vitamin D consists of two types- vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. After absorbing these vitamins from your daily food, your body converts them into a form of vitamin D called 25 hydroxyvitamin D, also known as 25(OH)D. A vitamin D total test measures the amount of 25(OH)D in your blood. Low levels of 25(OH)D in your blood can indicate poor nutrition, bone disorders, or even organ damage.
  • Vitamin B12 blood test: A vitamin B12 blood test measures the vitamin B12 levels in your blood. Your body requires vitamin B12 to produce a significant number of blood cells and maintain a healthy nervous system. A dip in vitamin B12 may indicate poor absorption of this nutrient. The most common medical condition associated with poor vitamin B12 levels in the body is anemia.

Why do I need a vitamin profile test?

Your general physician in Jalandhar may prescribe that you take a vitamin deficiency test if they notice vitamin deficiency symptoms in your body. Common vitamin deficiency symptoms include:

A general doctor in Jalandhar may also recommend a multivitamin test if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions. These conditions can increase your risk of developing vitamin deficiencies. They include:

You should consult a general physician in Jalandhar about any vitamin deficiency symptoms you may present to start immediate treatment for the same. Your general physician in Jalandhar may request you to get a comprehensive health check-up or recommend medicines.

What happens during a vitamin profile test?

A general doctor in Jalandhar can recommend a vitamin profile test to measure the vitamin levels in your body. A multivitamin test is similar to any blood test, where your blood sample is collected through a needle injected into your arm. You could either do a multivitamin test at the clinic when you visit the general doctor in Jalandhar, or book a home appointment using the MFine app. Our lab technicians will arrive at your home during the scheduled slot while strictly following the COVID-19 safety guidelines while performing the vitamin profile test. You do not need any special preparations for a blood test for vitamin deficiency.

How do I book a vitamin profile test online?

Vitamin profile tests are available online to complete the health check-up process in your home while safely practicing social distancing. A vitamin profile test online includes a free consultation with top doctors in Jalandhar. We cater to the people of Jalandhar by ensuring your samples get analyzed by trained lab technicians using the latest technology. The sample of your blood will be picked up from home by a lab technician during the scheduled time-slot.

At MFine , healthcare services are provided to everyone by making them affordable and accessible. Your convenience and comfort is our top priority. With online consultations and at-home health check-ups, we provide medical care at your doorstep! Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, MFine offers online doctor consultations, self-assessment tools and lab tests as part of their COVID-19 Care program that one can make use of if they happen to develop mild symptoms of COVID-19. Since early detection is always better for a quick recovery in the long run, if you do happen to experience any corona symptoms, you can book an at home RTPCR test on MFine to confirm your diagnosis at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who should take the vitamin profile test?

Your general physician in Jalandhar may prescribe that you take a vitamin deficiency test if they notice vitamin deficiency symptoms in your body. A general doctor in Jalandhar may also recommend a multivitamin test if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions like bone disorders, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, or hypertension or if you are above the age of 60.

  1. Do I need to practice fasting for a vitamin profile test?

Dietary practices like fasting are not required to prepare for a vitamin profile test. However, we recommend you to consult a general doctor in Jalandhar if you are on medications or taking another test at the same time. The doctor will be able to direct you on the way forward based on your health condition, current prescription, and other lifestyle-related factors.

  1. When will I get my medical reports for the vitamin profile test?

Once the blood sample is collected at your home, it will be analyzed by trained lab professionals using the latest technology. Your medical reports will be uploaded to your MFine profile within 48 hours only. We ensure that your medical reports will be stored in a private and secure database that will strictly remain confidential.

  1. What happens once I get my vitamin profile test results?

Once your vitamin profile test results have been uploaded, a general physician in Jalandhar will get in touch with you to discuss the way forward. If you have low vitamin levels in your body, the physician will recommend medications, supplements, or dietary changes to ensure you get back to your normal vitamin levels.