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Complete Blood Count(23)


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Complete Blood Count


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Blood count at home

What is a blood count test?

A complete blood count test measures if various components of the blood are present in adequate quantities. The blood sample collection will evaluate for the following:

  • RBC’s (red blood cells) which are vital for transporting oxygen throughout the blood. The blood count test also gives you an idea on what is considered a high or low red blood cell count.
  • A hemoglobin level count, to measure the level of this critical messenger present in the blood that helps in carrying oxygen. The results of the blood sample can be compared to recommended normal hemoglobin count levels and treatment will be prescribed accordingly.
  • WBC’s (white blood cells) are the ones that make up the immune cells and help in fighting against diseases. The test also gives you an idea on what is considered a high white blood cell count.
  • Blood platelet count, which plays a crucial role in blood clotting.

When should a complete blood count test be done?

Doctors will advise you to get a complete blood count test done if you are suspected of having anemia, allergic responses, weakness, inflammation, any injuries, bacterial and viral infections and sudden bleeding. A blood cell count test is included in full body tests as they are important and help in the preliminary diagnosis for any symptoms of blood related diseases.

You should consider opting for a blood cell count test in Greater Noida if you suffer from any of the diseases or ailments mentioned above to ensure your health is optimal.

Who should take a complete blood count test?

A complete blood count test, also known as a complete haemogram when peripheral blood smear is included, is recommended to everyone above the age of 18. Getting a complete blood count test is required at least twice a year to ensure that you are not suffering from any possible ailments or conditions. A haemogram test also ensures you are not suffering from any blood related diseases or infections..

CBC test procedure

The complete blood count test is simple and has a painless procedure. Once your doctor prescribes the test, fix an appointment immediately with your nearby hospital, clinic or diagnostic center. Another convenient option is to book a complete haemogram in Greater Noida through the mfine app.

For a blood sample collection, there aren’t any restrictions or preparation steps. The lab technician will collect a blood sample from your veins and send it out for diagnosis. In about a day you will receive the reports of your complete haemogram. The recommended values for normal blood count, which includes the RBC range, WBC range, normal blood platelet count and normal hemoglobin levels, will be specified and compared with the blood cell count in your body. If your blood cell count values exceed or drop the required range, then doctors will prescribe corresponding medicines to improve  your health. Consult with your doctor for further course of treatments. You can consult with general physician in Greater Noida online to know more.

What do we do?

Looking to test your complete blood count in Greater Noida? Book a complete blood count test and a follow up consultation with a top general physicians in Greater Noida via mfine today! This lab test includes 23+ tests covering your complete blood count test, Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), platelet count and haemoglobin. Moreover, catering to the residents of Greater Noida, you can receive the online report of your full blood count in a matter of 48 hours, all analysed by trained technicians and using high-end technology. Your sample will be picked up from home by a medical professional from Healthians at the scheduled time-slot.

At mfine, we ensure you get your doctor’s consultation on your fingertips. We are a mobile health platform, aggregating branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients. With a health package focusing on your complete blood count done in the comforts of your home, convenience has reached another level and at nominal CBC test price in Greater Noida too!


Who should take these tests?

If you notice symptoms of any blood related diseases, have any clotting disorders, or are anemic, you should consider getting a complete blood count test at home. A complete haemogram may also be prescribed to you in case your doctor wants to test for other problems, which can be related to the liver, heart, or other organs. Speak to a general physician in Greater Noida to know more about the test and whether you need to opt for a blood draw.

Do I need to practice fasting before the blood test?

No specific steps need to be taken for the blood draw procedure, which means you do not have to practice fasting before the blood sample collection.

When will I get the reports?

Our lab partners require time after the blood sample collection to process the blood draw, after which, results are sent to a doctor for analysis. You can expect your reports to be uploaded onto the mfine app within 48 hours of the complete blood count test.

What happens once I get my results?

Once you get your blood sample results, a general physician in Greater Noida will reach out to you for a consultation. They will go over your results and offer treatment or prescribe medicine based on the analysis of your blood count test.