Breast Screening

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This package covers

  • Screening from the comfort of your home by a qualified female nurse
  • Consultation with senior Gynaecologists
  • Usage of radiation-free, painless device for lump detection
  • Detection of any lumps in the breasts, as small as 0.5 cm
  • Safe for all ages and pregnant women

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Screening at home

Online reports within 48 hours

Consultations with top Doctors included

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Breast Screening(1)


  • You will receive a call from our team to schedule the screening at your home
  • Our certified female technician will set-up a private area in your house & perform the screening
  • Your reports will be uploaded on the app within 72 hours
  • Your consultation with a senior Gynaecologist will be scheduled for you
  • Based on your results, our doctor will share her advice with you

Breast Screening


₹ 2998 ₹ 1499

Breast Screening

A breast check-up or screening usually involves an x-ray or mammogram of the breast to check for any cancerous lumps or tumour. Research shows that in India, 1 in 28 women have breast cancer and it’s usually found at a developed stage which calls for surgery. A breast check up is the need of the hour, imploring women to not only take this condition lightly but also take every possible precaution to stay on the safe side.

At mfine, we ensure you get your doctor’s consultation on your fingertips. We are a mobile health platform, aggregating branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients. With a health package focusing on checking for cancerous lumps and giving you a full breast screening at your home, convenience has reached another level and at nominal rates too!

Experts in the field, with the help of high-end technology, will carry out your breast check up, giving you accurate diagnosis in a matter of few hours. This breast screening health package caters to residents of Bengaluru bearing their welfare and convenience in mind. The healthcare professionals from Mfine pick up your samples from your doorstep for a hassle-free and convenient checkup. Have you recently noticed a lump on your breast or close to your armpit regions? Are you worried that you might be facing symptoms of breast cancer? Book a consultation with a top gynecologist in Bengaluru via mfine today!