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  • Measurement: Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Organ Health Evaluation: Heart, Kidneys
  • Deficiency Check : Calcium
  • Risk Assessment: Cholesterol, Diabetes

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Humain Health has emerged as a full-stack diagnostic provider, steered by automation, technology and medical expertise. Humain Health strives to combine the power of healthcare and cutting-edge technology to make quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and transparent for everyone. The Reference Laboratory is engineered to guarantee quality, and accuracy unmatched by any conventional testing methods, with strict adherence to NABL.

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Complete Blood Count(23)




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Basic Health Screening

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Basic Health Screening

What is a basic health screening?

Health screening is a type of test that looks for diseases before you develop one while also assessing your risk of developing it in the future. Treating a disease at its earliest stage gives you a higher chance of successful treatment and recovery. While a few types of health screening can be done easily at the doctor’s office, some require you to find specialised labs or clinics that can provide the correct equipment. Use the mfine app to find the right general doctors and hospitals that are well equipped to give you the best quality treatment.

How do you know which screenings to opt for when you do not know what conditions you may be at risk for? A basic health screening is the right choice in this case. If you are a relatively young person in good health, or if you suspect it is time to have an overall health checkup no matter what your age, a basic health screening offers a range of tests that give you a larger picture of your current health status. Generally, a basic health screening covers a blood test, a urine test, a radiology exam and a physical examination. In some cases, based on the initial health screening, additional tests may be required for a more comprehensive check.

What types of health screening tests should I be ready for?

In a basic health screening, various tests can be administered depending on the doctor and the hospital. Some of the main examinations include:

  • Clinical examination: This includes a blood pressure reading, determining body mass index based on height and weight, and a simple physical examination that checks for any external abnormalities, such as an irregular mole growth, that need to be addressed.
  • Urine examination: The urine test gives doctors information about possible urine infections, sugar in urine in the case of diabetes, protein in urine which is an early indicator of kidney diseases, or blood in urine which may be indicative of various infections, tumours, kidney stones and other kidney related diseases.
  • A chest X-ray is taken to check lung conditions and functioning
  • An EKG may be administered to check heart functioning and strength
  • A blood test is required to check blood count to determine if the patient has anemia, abnormal clotting factors or abnormal immune cells; sugar levels which is the earliest screening test for diabetes; cholesterol levels which indicate the risk of cardiovascular diseases; and checking overall kidney and liver functioning.

Some people may need further testing in the basic health screening based on their age, sex, lifestyle and family history. Few of the tests include:

  • A blood test to check for cancer markers, sexually transmitted diseases, thyroid hormone levels and hepatitis A and B screening.
  • A stool test to determine risk of colon cancer or piles
  • An X-ray for a bone mineral density (BMD) test that checks a woman’s risk of developing osteoporosis
  • A mammogram or ultrasound is required in basic screening for women above 40 years
  • Other radiological tests include ultrasound of the abdomen to check the liver, gall bladder and kidney functioning; a pelvic ultrasound for women to check their uterus and ovaries; and an ultrasound of the thyroid to check any conditions of the thyroid gland.

How can we help?

Due to the extensive nature of a basic health screening, you will need a good doctor in a well equipped hospital or clinic to get the best results and the right assessment. Use the mfine app to find the best health screening package in Bengaluru and opt for treatments that are tailored to your needs. A medical professional from Humain Health will attend to you at your doorstep and you can consult with top general physicians in Bengaluru for a detailed diagnosis of your condition.