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Vaginal boils are filled with pus and inflamed bumps under the vaginal skin. These vaginal bumps can begin as small red bumps and then become big, painful and pus-filled bumps. These bumps are rarely a cause for concern, but if it’s really painful and severe, you can ask your medical professional to drain out the pus. A special sterile needle is used by the doctor to drain the boil if it is filled with pus and appears severely infected. For vaginal boils, you do not need any lab tests. Moreover, these vaginal boils take a week or two before they subside or vanish on their own.

Vaginal boils generally occur when there is an infection in the hair follicle of your pubic region. These boils grow within a few days and take a larger shape filled with pus. The affected region is painful. An appointment with a doctor should be made if you cannot differentiate between the boils on your vagina and a spot.

You will need to see a doctor if there is a rapid growth of the boil and it doesn’t subside.

Ages affected: Vaginal boils may occur in a female of any age starting from her puberty.

Vaginal boils Symptoms

Since they are easily self-diagnosable, watch out for the following signs:

Painful, pus-filled bumps will occur in the inner skin of your vagina.

Women may experience large boils on the skin of their vagina, with pus being yellow and pale and the vaginal area experiencing some discomfort and pain.

Vaginal boils Treatment

To treat the boils, apply a warm compress over the region and try to wear loose fitting pants. Stick to comfortable clothing materials such as cotton and avoid anything silk or synthetic. The idea is to keep the area dry and airy. If boil bursts on its own, clean it up well and apply a bandaid or gauze to prevent infection. Keep the area clean and ensure your hands are clean, too, while treating the boil.

You can take painkillers and apply ointments over the infected region. For severe cases, antibiotics can be taken to cure the boils.

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