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Vaginal Laxity


Vaginal laxity corresponds to common sexual dysfunction in women, where there is a decrease in sexual satisfaction due to lack of friction during intercourse. The term generally refers to vaginal looseness, leading to fewer or no orgasms.

4 out of 10 women are estimated to be affected by vaginal laxity. [1]

- Lab tests and/or imaging are not required unless one opts for surgery
- Not easily treatable and may require surgery


- Loss of sensation during intercourse due to vaginal muscles loosening
- A significant vaginal laxity is observed with the onset of menopause


Self-care: While there are no simple ways to regain the pre-baby bodies with all the vaginal muscles in place, Kegel exercises are recommended to tone the pelvic floor and tighten the muscles of the vagina.

Medication: Surgical vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the pelvic muscles are restored to their original pre-baby location. With the growing technology, nonsurgical rejuvenation treatment procedures are also available in which the condition of the vaginal muscles is improved through collagen remodeling.

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