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Several women tend to skip periods sometimes. If a female stops menstruation completely for more than three months, then it indicates secondary amenorrhea. This happens even if the woman is not pregnant. A gynecologist will ensure that you get proper secondary amenorrhea treatment.

Secondary Amenorrhea Symptoms

Skin issues – Women who have this condition, often develop skin dryness, ache, and textures.

Vaginal dryness – Menstrual absence, and vaginal dryness indicate this disease.

Headache and tiredness – A gynecologist knows that tiredness and headaches are two secondary amenorrhea symptoms.

Nipple discharge – It is common for patients to experience nipple discharge. This happens due to hormonal imbalance.

Secondary Amenorrhea Causes

Birth control pills – Blatant use of birth control pills will hamper your normal hormonal levels. This paves the path for this disorder.

PCOS – If a female suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, then changes of second amenorrhea increase significantly.

Lifestyle choices – Body weight, low nutrition, and excessive workout are potential secondary amenorrhea cause.

Hormonal disparity – A reputed gynecologist points to hormonal discrepancy as a potential cause of this condition.

Diagnosing Secondary Amenorrhea

All doctors, listed on mfine, will suggest a pregnancy examination. If that is negative, then they will suggest blood cultures. These will highlight any hormonal disparity. CT scans, MRI, and USG are other ways for proper analysis.

Other Disorders and Secondary Amenorrhea

Only timely medical attention will cure the patient. This condition may trigger ovarian cancer. Abnormal menstrual stoppage is bad for the overall health of any woman. It may later manifest as ovarian cancer. This will hamper the patient’s capability to conceive. Absence of proper treatment can cause infertility in women.

Treating Secondary Amenorrhea

A good gynecologist will suggest estrogen replacement treatment. Medicines will support the hormonal treatments. If ovarian tumor is the cause, then experts will suggest a surgery. All medical professionals, listed on mfine, will also suggest lifestyle changes.

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