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Everything you need to know about recurrent miscarriage.


The spontaneous loss of the fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

There are about 10-20% of women across the world who happen to end their pregnancies in miscarriages. [1]

- Medicinal assistance is required.
- Lab testing may or may not be done.
- Happen only to women after a particular age.
- Can be acute but also chronic in many.

Recurrent miscarriage is the condition wherein a person happens to lose the fetus before it reaches 20 weeks. This may be due to their lifestyle and also because of their age. The causes are plenty but then at times, it might be due to many external factors as well.


- Appearance vaginal bleeding and also spotting blood.
- Pain - there is an acute sensation of pain in the lower back of the body.
- Passing fluid - there is tissue passing out of the vagina which indicates the onset of miscarriage.


- Self-care - avoid smoking, drinking, and any such activities. Have a balanced diet and perform mild exercise.
- Medication - Take multivitamin to keep your body fit and healthy and the fetus to develop properly.
- Specialist - seek advice from your doctor to know what needs to be done next during pregnancy. At mfine we offer the best care to you to have a successful delivery and not face any complications.

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