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Postcoital bleeding: All you need to know


Post-coital draining is vaginal draining that happens within 24 hours after sex but is not related to menstruation.

In one investigation of 137 ladies with postcoital bleeding, about 35% were consuming female hormone medicines.[1]

- Only in women
- Urine test to check for pregnancy or urine contamination
- Maybe a symptom of cervical cancer

Vaginal draining not identified with the period. Postcoital draining comprises of spotting or draining that isn't identified with feminine cycle and happens amid or after sex.

Ages affected - 18-45 years - most often; above 45 years often


Symptoms include vaginal bleeding, retching and stinging while urinating all of which are reasons to consult a gynecologist.

Symptoms of postcoital bleeding may include

- Vaginal bleeding or spotting during sex
- Vaginal tingling
- Anomalous release and serious stomach torment
- Queasiness, retching, or absence of craving


Using water-or silicon-based oils amid foreplay and intercourse.

A vaginal examination to search for reasons for seeping in your vagina or cervix. This examination is equivalent to having a smear test. A smear may be rehashed and tests for the disease should be possible in the meantime.
A specialist may arrange tests, for example, a pap smear, pregnancy test, and vaginal societies to search for STDs.

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