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Experiencing vaginal discharge post intercourse?


Vaginitis is the inflammation of vagina that can result in discharge, itching, and pain.

Bacterial vaginosis is the most prevalent cause of vaginal discharge or malodor, occurring in up to 30% of women [1]

- Treatable by a medical professional
- Short term: resolves within days or weeks
- More than 10 million cases per year in India

Post coital vaginitis may be a sign of vaginal infections like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes simplex virus, Genital warts, and Trichomoniasis.


Generally, a thin watery discharge may be observed from the vagina. However, these symptoms are a cause of an underlying disorder:
- Heavy discharge, change in the color of vaginal discharge or a distinct odor.
- Itching, burning, swelling or soreness around the vagina
- Burning sensation while peeing
- General pain around the vagina and intense pain during intercourse
- Light vaginal bleeding or spotting


Preventive actions are very effective in avoiding and preventing further recurrence of the disease. This involves:
- Maintaining personal hygiene and keeping the vaginal area clean and dry.
- Dont use heavily perfumed soaps or sprays as it may hide the infection and help in further spreading it.
- Avoid clothes that hold heat and moisture.
- Indulge in safe sex as intercourse with an infected partner may spread the infection.

Vaginitis may be caused due to coital activities or a sign of bacterial or fungal infection.
Effective diagnosis is the key to treatment.
- Medications involve antifungal or antibacterial treatments to kill and prevent their growth.
- Hormonal imbalances can be treated by proper medication.

Vaginitis can be tackled effectively with proper medication and control. Our team at Mfine provides you with the best professional guidance while maintaining confidentiality and discretion for the overall treatment of all your disorders.

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