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Ovulation bleeding A quick overview


Ovulation spotting is actually light bleeding that generally occurs around the time when a woman ovulates.

The rate of abnormal Ovulation bleeding in 18% in India. [3]

- Lab tests and imaging are rarely required
- Acute condition
- Self-treatable

Ovulation takes place at the time the ovary releases an egg. This egg then travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If it is not fertilized within 24 hours, then it will break down and shed with periods.

Age Affected: There is not a particular age group that is affected. It can happen to any woman above 15 years of age who have started their menses.
The most common causes of ovulation bleeding are usually associated with hormonal changes.


The common symptoms experienced are:
- Increase in cervical fluid
- Bloating
- Breast tenderness
- The change of position of the cervix or its firmness
- Pain or an ache on one side of the abdomen
- Increase in the sex drive


Women can take few measures at home to relieve symptoms like:
- Taking proper rest and getting adequate amount of sleep
- Having healthy and nutritious food
- Using ice packs for aches

The following course of treatment is usually recommended by doctors in case of ovulation bleeding:

- Pain relief medicines like anti-nausea drugs
- NSAID pain relieve medications for a headache and backache

A consultation with a gynecologist will be the best solution for too much ovulation bleeding. We, at mfine, have the best team of specialist for such problems. Its a one-stop place for all problems. We provide holistic treatments under one roof for all health issues.

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